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Richard Jellinger

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About Richard Jellinger

Richard T. Jellinger

Rick Jellinger is the principle attorney in the Jellinger Law Office. He has over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense and employee rights lawyer. Rick has built a reputation as an effective and efficient attorney who is a fierce fighter for his clients.

"I Just Want to Get My Life Back Together."

This is the plea of so many of Rick's clients. As an affordable and effective attorney, Rick has helped thousands of clients take control of their lives when hit with criminal or employment charges.

Rick Jellinger has:

Over 30 years of experience solving problems just like yours. Whatever the problem, he's been there; done that!

A strong commitment to personal service for his clients. He strives to be affordable and effective.

Has many satisfied former clients who have taken advantage of Rick's skill and experience. Rick gets results!

Take Back Control of Your Life. CALL NOW!

Defending Persons Charged With:

Representing Employees Facing:

Drug Offenses Wrongful Termination
Assault Discrimination
Felonies Whistle Blower
Misdemeanors Drug Test in the Workplace